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Ba370 Case Analyses 5 Assignment

MIDTERM2Midterm1.List the elements of disparate treatment and apply them to this case. Janet must establish a prima facie case of disparate treatment.Can Janet prove a prima facie case? Janet can prove a prima facie case through pretext by showing:a.The protected class characteristics of the plaintiff are relevant to the case. She is a woman.b.The employment opportunity was applied for. She applied for the new plant position.c.The employment opportunity was available. There was an available position of plant foreman for which applications were being accepted.d.The plaintiff (Janet) was qualified for the employment opportunity. Janet was qualified for the position.e.The plaintiff (Janet) was denied the employment opportunity. She was denied promotion to the plant foreman position.f.The employer selected someone with a contrasting protected class characteristic. Jose, who was a Latino male, was selected as plant foreman (W.A.G.E., 2015). How would the plant rebuff these charges?The plant could rebuff these charges through articulation of a lawful motive. The employer can do so by producing a legitimate, nondiscriminatory reason for its decision. The employer merely has to present some evidence to support its stated reason, which, in this case, happens to be the hiring of a Latino man who falls under another protected class (, 2015).Who would ultimately prevail? In this case, the plaintiff could attempt to show that the employer’s stated reason, although sufficient as a response to the prima facie case, is ultimately not credible and

Unformatted text preview: Trevor Sellman BA427 Fall2014 SOLAR FEEDER ASSIGNMENT QUESTIONS What problems do you see at SDI? What issues does management need to address? What do you see as the central problem/issue? Some of the problems at Squirrel Defense, Inc. (SDI) are as follows. They have spent a lot of time and money on research and development. Second, they have spent a lot of money on marketing the product – traveling to exhibition/trade shows, advertising campaigns, and the website and online video (which doesn't get much use). Another issue at SDI is that production costs are very high – they are not making much profit of of each unit sold so they need to sell more units. However, the most important problem at SDI is that production is not able to keep up with the demand sales. The Fundamental problem at SDI is that they are not able to currently meet the demand and sales for their product because production is extremely slow. They have done all the correct things as far as getting the product out onto the market and getting it attention by winning awards. They have done some research and development and created a good product – but without an engineer to help smooth out production details. But the main problem is that they only have one person (the inventor/creator) making all these bird feeders by hand and shipping them out one-by-one. At this pace they won't ever meet the goal of selling 200-300 products each week because it is simply impossible with one set of hands. Management needs to address the production issue as quickly as possible. In order to address this issue it is impertinent for management to hire more skilled workers and train them to work on production. I would also bring in a qualified engineer who can either help re-design the product in such a way that it takes less time to build and/or help with the process of assembly to speed things up. Management has currently commissioned another local manufacturer to build parts – I would suggest stopping the outsourcing/commission and instead focus on hiring and training at least another two workers that can help the inventor with the production of the bird...
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